Top 10 Green Roofs in Massachusetts
September 2017

Making of a Rooftop Courtyard
by Square Globe Studios

Recover Green Roofs worked with Gatto Development to transform a rooftop common space for luxury apartments in New Canaan, Conn., into a parklet complete with 30-foot-tall, heat-tolerant river birches. Square Globe Studios was there to capture the install in this video.

Recover Green Roofs Feature
by Comcast Xfinity Get Local

Comcast explores several Recover projects and learns about the principles driving our work to transform underutilized city spaces into places for leisure, recreation, and food production. 


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The Ledge / Ester Restaurant
by Paper Fortress Films

Recover constructed and installed a rooftop farm using sustainably harvested black locust planter beds on the roof of The Ledge—now Ester—Restaurant in Dorchester, Mass. The farm maximizes local material use and water-efficient irrigation technologies to deliver the freshest food possible to the Ester kitchen located directly below.

The story of how Higher Ground Farm, Boston's first rooftop farm, came to be on roof of the Boston Design Center. 


Urban Food Production

Food production has changed dramatically in the past 70 years, resulting in a number of environmental and health consequences. Jesse and Brendan share a great case study on how a local restaurant moved farming to its roof and restored a neighborhood connection to good food.

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