What are the structural constraints of green roof construction?

There are three preliminary components to planning every green roof:

A watertight roof membrane is a necessary foundation for all green roofs. Ideally, a green roof is built on top of a new roof or one with a waterproof membrane that has been replaced within the past 5 years.

Recover always uses a structural engineer to assess the amount of weight a building can support during and after construction of a green roof.

Any occupied roof must have proper egress and railing systems in compliance with local regulations and current OSHA standards.

Can I grow vegetables on my roof?

Perhaps. Rooftop farms are of growing interest around the world, and it is important to address the challenges that come with the excitement. Rooftop farms are the heaviest systems we design, as vegetables require great soil depth for healthy growth. Initial constraints include the structural loading capacity of the roof, waterproof membrane quality, and safety protection.

After working through some preliminary questions, Recover can assess whether a rooftop farm is right for your specific setting.

I’m interested in having a green roof. What is the first step?

Give us a call to speak with one of our project managers. Our office number is (617) 764-1310. Or, reach us by email at info@recovergreenroofs.com. Once we’re able to gain a better sense of your site and the goals of the project you have in mind, we can move forward with a structural assessment and preliminary design.